Friday, September 18, 2009

dark and grey

Recent developments in my family has left me it worth taking risks, loving, being loved, making plans for the future et al, considering the fact that you might not exist the next moment! My eldest cousin passed away at a perfect age of 27 in a car accident a week back and I am still not able to process this piece of truth. He HAD plans. Now all is over. why is it that we do not think of this possibility of being dead when we make plans? Can we not imagine ourselves dead? Am sure my brother never did imagine himself as being fully capable of belonging to the world of dead men...nor do i think! I have made alot of plans for my career, my life with my partner...not even thinking ones that I might not life long enough to see any of these materialising.

But life goes on. It has to.

I wish my cousin's soul rests in peace. Amen


  1. I felt really sad to know what happened to your cousin. But you have raised the age old questions,unavoidable, and unresolved. Death gives a finishing touch to our life-art. Sometimes it comes abruptly, but even then human life shines like an unfinished painiting of DA VINCI.....

  2. Thanks Ikbal but I dont quite understand this what you said. How is death giving finishing touch to our lives? It could be so had the life been perfect and complete but what about those deaths that are not wanted..not good?